Question Pond

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes. The Krucker Cygnet amphibious trike is built in America to strict FAA standards. It is an “N” numbered Special Light Sport Aircraft. It is rated for 6 G’s positive and 3 G’s negative. That’s much higher than most conventional airplanes. We only fly when conditions will provide the smoothest possible flight. Safety first.

Q: What do I wear?
A: We recommend you wear clothing that is comfortable for the day (girls, you’ll be better off in shorts than in skirts). No loose articles (ie. “flip flops”) are allowed.

Q: What if it’s raining?
A: The weather can change with the blink of an eye. If it’s raining it’s unlikely we’d have to wait long for the weather to pass. In the event we have to cancel, we’ll do our best to work with your schedule to come back out.

Q: I don’t really want a flight lesson, I just want to go for a ride. Can you do that?
A: No, every flight we do is a lesson… but that’s a GOOD thing! As long as the conditions allow for it, during the flight we will show you how the aircraft flies and moves around the sky and if you want to take the controls, you CAN! (How many other flying activities let you do that?) But there’s no pressure here… if you do not feel comfortable taking the controls, you don’t have to. Every person is different and every person learns differently. Our goal isn’t to “make you fly”; our goal is for you to have a great time and to come down with a new appreciation not only for these types of aircraft but for flying in general.

Q: Can i just show up or do I need a reservation?
A: RESERVATIONS ARE RECOMMENDED. We fly from various locations and fly customers with reservations first. To aid in scheduling, please make a reservation. You can do so by calling us at (912) 572-8055. When you call, we will take down the names of the flyers, their weights, a cell phone or contact number and your credit card information to secure the reservation(s). Your credit card will not be billed at that time; we charge after the flights and you may change your payment method on the day you fly. We will, however, charge your credit card for the full amount of your flight(s) if you (and your party) do not show up (see cancellation policy below). We accept cash, traveler’s checks or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & Discover).

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: You may change or cancel your reservation with no charge to you if you let us know 24 hours or more before your schedule flight(s). If you cancel your flight(s) within the 24 hour window, we will charge your credit card for the full amount of the flight(s) booked if we do not fill your time slots. If you reschedule your flights to a different day within the 24 hour window, we will charge an $80 late-change fee for each flight booked if we do not fill your slots.

Q: Is there an age/weight limit?
A: So far we’ve flown from 5 to 82 year olds, maturity and an adult legal guardian’s permission are what’s required for children. The weight limit is 250lbs because of a predetermined safety factor.

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