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SAFETY is the top priority, so we will fly only when conditions are favorable. While midday flights are possible on occasion, there is usually substantial turbulence and weather development. It’s easier to work with Mother Nature than against her!!

Discovery Flight – $300 This approximately 1 Hour Introductory lesson is an experience of a lifetime! You will be high
in the sky, feel the wind in your face, steer the aircraft and discover what it feels like to be a pilot.
(Actual flight times may vary. 30 minutes airtime plus water taxiing time and briefing are normal).

VIDEO or Photos – $30 Digitally captured from a wing mounted camera and given to you on an SD card.

Advanced Training – This is for student pilots who want to learn WSC or weight shift control, a.k.a. TRIKES!
Or, for those looking to get a sea rating in a trike (WSCS).

Instructional 5hr block – $900 The instruction block is 4hr flight and 1hr of ground training.

Instructional 11hr block – $1800 The instruction block is 10hr flight and 1hr of ground training.

Also Available to Student Pilots after Instruction Blocks:
Extra Flight Instruction – $200 Sometimes…student pilots need a little extra practice, a-la carte, after their initial blocks. 1hr.

Extra Ground Instruction – $60 Getting down to the nitty gritty. 1hr.

Sport Pilot Proficiency Check – $350 (no aircraft) for WSCL, WSCS or WSC Flight Instructor

Please ask! Gift Certificates Available!

We offer Military & Student Discounts (with ID)

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